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BC is the most connected province in Canada. Six out of 10 British Columbian's have access to the internet. Three out of four businesses and all of K-12 public schools are connected to the World Wode Web. BC has the highest growth in the broadband high speed internet adoption in Canada, according to Stats Canada report in 2006"

Our Services - Wi-Fi Access (iZone)

If you are a frequent business traveller that requires to be connected almost everywhere you go or if you simply need to check your email when your away from home, Brella Wireless can provide the connectivity you need.  With a growing number of Hotzones (iZone) in Vancouver and roaming agreements with more than 400 locations across Canada, Brella Wireless can ensure you stay connected.  All you need is your Wi-Fi enabled notebook or PDA.

Wi-Fi Access (iZone) 1 Hour 24 Hours 1 Week 1 Month 1 Year
Fee $5.00 $9.95 $19.95 $31.95 $195.00
Time allocation consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutive
Setup fees incl. incl. incl. incl. incl.
Roaming Partner locations (Canada) >400 >400 >400 >400 >400
(Wi-Fi enabled device)
802.11b/g  802.11b/g 802.11b/g  802.11b/g 802.11b/g

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