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BC is the most connected province in Canada. Six out of 10 British Columbian's have access to the internet. Three out of four businesses and all of K-12 public schools are connected to the World Wode Web. BC has the highest growth in the broadband high speed internet adoption in Canada, according to Stats Canada report in 2006"

Our Services - Broadband Connectivity

Brella Wireless Inc. currently offers broadband internet access to a number of MTU (multi tenant unit) buildings within Vancouver. Our current customers enjoy the benefits of Symmetric Speeds up to 10 Mbps at very competitive rates. In addition, these customers enjoy the added benefits of WiFi access in Hotzones within and around their building, areas of downtown Vancouver, and the ability to roam at over 400 locations across Canada. All of this is included in the low monthly fee! If you would like to save money and enjoy these benefits*, please contact us via phone at 1.866.438.2395 or via email at

Broadband Connectivity Basic Deluxe Premium
Monthly Fee $39.95 $84.95 $284.95
Download and Upload Speed 3 Mbps 5 Mbps 10 Mbps
Email Accounts 5 10 20
Data Transfer Limit 100 Gb 200 Gb 500 Gb
IP Addresses 2 Static 5 Static 10 Static
Webmail Access incl. incl. incl.
Installation Fee
(12 month  contract)
free install free install free install
Hotzones (I-Zone) Downtown Vancouver Downtown Vancouver Downtown Vancouver
Hotspots (400 partner roaming locations in Canada) incl. incl. incl.
Additional Email Addresses (per address) $2 month $2 month $2 month
Technical Support 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365

*Brella Wireless currently provides broadband connectivity into MTU buildings. In order to become a broadband customer of Brella and enjoy the benefeits of faster speeds, lower rates, and Wi-Fi access, your office building or residential tower must have connectivity provided by Brella. If you would like to recommend Brella to provide these services to your building please contact us via phone at 1.866.438.2395 or via email at

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