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BC is the most connected province in Canada. Six out of 10 British Columbian's have access to the internet. Three out of four businesses and all of K-12 public schools are connected to the World Wode Web. BC has the highest growth in the broadband high speed internet adoption in Canada, according to Stats Canada report in 2006"

What We Do at Brella Wireless

Brella Wireless focuses on providing a feature rich bundle of services to multiple tenant unit (MTU) buildings . via private network using fixed wireless/fibre optic infrastructure, hotzone in Downtown Vancouver and over 150 affiliated hotspots in BC and more than 400 across Canada.

For Building Tenants
We offer tenants a suite of services including broadband data, voice, VoIP, video on demand, surveillance security, and data file backup services. They enjoy a group discounted rate which is very competitive with other companies.

Brella provides IP-based full services as an application service provider (ASP) that fully integrates into end-to-end solutions to tenants of MTU buildings in the MTU market.

In downtown Vancouver, we have successfully deployed broadband service to MTU with a fully-integrated solution combining wireless technology at public common areas (lobby, public areas, conference rooms, coffee shop, spa, restaurant, gym, and swimming pool), fixed wired connection to tenant suites, and its proximity hotzone outside the property.

For Building Owners
Our “risk-reward sharing” business model attracts the attention from property owners. This model is proven successful in our strategic installations in Vancouver. Brella continues to build a wireless mesh network called “wireless metropolitan area network” (WMAN) using WiMAX technology, Wi-Fi Mesh Network and fibre optic backbone in a private network environment.

Why Partner with Brella Wireless?

  1. Return to property owners the control of communication capability infrastructure as a competitive advantage. As a bonus, No more headache dealing with major telephone companies
  2. We have a unique program in which you benefit from our experience and proven track record
  3. Differentiation to your property: Their clients/tenants have the privilege to use our Downtown hotzone (iZone) coverage and affiliated hotspots across the country --- a bonus to their clients. A unique membership only benefits.
  4. Pricing is extremely competitive because their clients (tenants) enjoy a special group discounted rate, better services, broadband connectivities
  5. Wi-Fi hotzone within the property, pool, patio, and Downtown Vancouver
  6. Web mail (email anywhere)
  7. Annuity revenue stream for property owners

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Brella Wireless, please contact us via phone at 1.866.438.2395 or via email at

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