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BC is the most connected province in Canada. Six out of 10 British Columbian's have access to the internet. Three out of four businesses and all of K-12 public schools are connected to the World Wode Web. BC has the highest growth in the broadband high speed internet adoption in Canada, according to Stats Canada report in 2006"

Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. What are your payment options?
    We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

  2. Do you send out statement every month?
    Not normally. We do not send statements to minimize overhead costs of providing our services and pass on the savings to you. We will send you an electronic bill (via email) on the first business day of each month.

  3. What is the billing schedule?
    You will be billed on the first day of each month. The billing cycle is based on a calendar month, from the 1st to the last day of each month. Partial month will be billed pro-rata based on your sign-up date or service termination date. Subsequent bills will follow the regular billing cycle on the calendar month.

  4. What happens if my credit card does not accept the charge?
    If we encounter problems processing your account transaction, we will automatically send you an email and request for new or update information on your credit card account. Please note that we will apply a $25 charge to your account for Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) payments.

  5. What do I do if my account get suspended due to lack of payments?
    If we are unable to charge your account by the first day of the service month, your service will be suspended. You need to contact our Customer Service representative to provide us with new or update billing information and re-activate your account.

  6. Can I access my email account from a standard POP3 email client?
    Yes, you can use any standard POP3 email program to access your emails.
    POP server : POP3.FWIN.CA
    SMTP server: SMTP.FWIN.CA

  7. How do I access my emails when I'm away from my home or office?
    From any web browser, go to and enter your username and password.

  8. Does webmail leave email on the server so that I can download it later using my regular email program?
    Yes. Email left in your Inbox will remain on the server. If you delete any messages from your Inbox while using webmail, they will be deleted on the server.
    Deleted emails are permanently deleted.

  9. How do I create additional email accounts for my family members?
    You can log on to the "My Accounts" interface and then update your email addresses.

  10. What is the biggest attachment I can send or receive in one email?
    You can send an attachment of up to 5MB in one email.

  11. How much space do I have to store email messages?
    Each email account has a maximum of 10MB storage space.

  12. What is your definition of UNLIMITED access?
    The service is based on a flat rate fee, and there is no limitation on the time you spend in connecting or accessing the Internet.

  13. How long can I be logged into your system for dialup access? Any session time out?
    You can stay online for as long as you need. However, after 30 minutes of complete inactivity on your part, you will be disconnected.

  14. Can I make phone calls while connecting to Internet using ADSL?
    Yes, you may make or receive phone calls while you are connecting to the Internet using ADSL service. Your regular voice service will be working seamlessly with ADSL.

  15. What is Data Transfer? and What are the limits?
    Your usage will be metered based on the data transfer from and to your PC via your ADSL connection. Each ADSL package includes certain amount of data transfer per month. Additional data transfer will be charged. Please refer to service packages for details.

  16. How do I know my current data usage?
    You can log on to the "My Account" interface on our website to check your usage anytime at your convenience.

  17. If I have two computers at home, can they both connect to the Internet via my ADSL account?
    We will assign an unique IP address for each PC connecting to the Internet. We will provide multiple IP addresses upon request to allow multiple PCs to access the Internet concurrently. Please note that a network hub is required to connect multiple PCs to the ADSL connection.

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