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BC is the most connected province in Canada. Six out of 10 British Columbian's have access to the internet. Three out of four businesses and all of K-12 public schools are connected to the World Wode Web. BC has the highest growth in the broadband high speed internet adoption in Canada, according to Stats Canada report in 2006"

About Brella Wireless

Brella Wireless Inc. is a market leader in providing feature rich bundled services to multi tenant unit (MTU) buildings in greater Vancouver.

Today, we have partnered with telecommunication companies, GT Group Telecom (Bell Networks), Telus and industry leaders such as Cisco Network, Hewlett Packard and Proxim to deliver scalable, flexible, affordable high-speed access to the Internet. We are a single source for high-speed Internet connectivity, network management solutions, email hosting, voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing, data management including data backup and recovery, and and management services including billing and maintenance.

We provide our customers a business solution that can effectively increase productivity and, at the same time reduce costs. Unlike other providers, our solutions have excellent Return On Investment which is critical in today's business market. We give our customers the edge necessary to accelerate their business, and manage the next generation of challenges in changing times.

If you are interested in hearing how Brella Wireless can help your business advance in these rapidly changing times please call us at:

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